Tips To Avoid Termites

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Home / Tips / 4 Tips For Protecting Your House Against Termites And How To Avoid Infestation 4 Tips For Protecting Your House Against Termites And How To Avoid Infestation Termites are among the most damaging insects that can find their nest in your home, being more dangerous even than the known moths.

Having regular termite inspections by a qualified pest professional and installing a termite management system around the perimeter of the building (liquid soil treatment or termite baiting system) are the first two components of a termite management plan and are designed to prevent a concealed termite attack.

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Prevent a termites infestation with these steps. Termites cause $5 billion in damage to U.S. homes each year. If you think you have termites, contact us! www.

Screening will help prevent winged termites from entering the home. House tours, decorating tips and great photos. –, Browse thousands.

Prevention Tips for the Home Avoid wood mulch and heavy vegetation around your foundation. Check under splash blocks and around firewood piles for termite activity. Keep dirt and wood away separated:. store wood and debris piles away from the side of your home. If you don’t need it – throw it.

Termites can enter your house easily if there is wood making contact with the ground. Some examples of this include a wood lattice, wood siding, and door or window frames that make contact with the ground. Anything made of wood should be at least 6 inches (15 cm) above ground level, to prevent termites from getting into your house.

Top Tips To Avoiding Termite Destruction. Keep mulch at least 2 feet from the perimeter of your home, or replace it with crushed rock. Keep firewood up off the ground and well away from your exterior walls. Trim back bushes and other vegetation so that there is a space between them and your outside walls.

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Mulch is a very favorable place for two reasons; first, mulch in your garden has high moisture content and secondly, most garden mulch is made of wood containing cellulose which is food for the termites. To use mulch and prevent termite infestation, you should use mulch from materials such as plastic, rubber, and gravel.