Senate report reveals nearly 400 troubled nursing homes, including 5 in Colorado

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Jun 4 2019 – Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, The Associated Press – WASHINGTON – The federal government for years has kept under wraps the names of hundreds of nursing homes around the country found by inspectors to have serious ongoing health, safety or sanitary problems. Nearly 400 facilities nationwide had a "persistent record of poor care" as of April, but they were not included.

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Nearly 400 facilities nationwide had a “persistent record of poor care” as of April, but they were not included along with a shorter list of homes that get increased federal scrutiny and do have warning labels, according to a Senate report released Monday.

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Senators have released a list of nearly 400 nursing homes that have a. Hundreds of Nursing Homes With Record of Poor Care on Federal List. has kept under wraps the names of the troubled facilities not part of the SFF program.. The report noted that the problem nursing homes on the CMS list.