Road to Retirement: Should you financially support your adult children?

Only if you can afford it-and only to help them, not indulge them. But only 10 percent of boomers say helping their parents has slowed down their retirement savings, while 34 percent feel the same about the support they’ve provided their adult children. Even if you have plenty of company, you shouldn’t allow pressure from your kids,

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Stop acting like an ATM for your adult children. parents are putting their financial future in jeopardy to support their adult children, according to a study released by Merrill Lynch. Nearly.

However, parents of adult children. for the financial site The Motley Fool, says it also lets you contribute your income toward personal goals such as saving up for retirement or paying off a.

How Parents Can Help Adult Children Buy a Home. means tapping into the retirement account to help out, you should say no and come up with another way to support your child in the quest for.

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Show your children what you earn, how much you pay in taxes, what you’re setting aside for retirement, and what you have left over to spend. Being open about money will help your children better.

Financially supporting an adult child can put your retirement plans at risk. you wondering if you should cut financial support or continue to give. financial support for your adult children may actually stunt their path to maturity.

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While every family has different values around supporting adult children, if the support is restricting your ability to adequately save and prepare.

Before you spend money to subsidize your adult children, you should be saving at least 12% to 15% of pay each year, be on track to accumulate retirement assets worth at least 10 times your household income, and be on track to pay off your mortgage by the time you intend to retire.

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