Letters: Bill protects criminal immigrants; Are we provoking a war in Iran?; more responses (5/8/19)

To protect. the “We the People” of the U.S. Constitution’s opening words, not lambs for herding to the next war-of-choice slaughterhouse. If he could stop gazing into that mirror, Trump could.

Brett Kavanaugh surprises redistricting reformers WASHINGTON (BP) — Southern Baptist leaders called for prayer and the restoration of civility in public discourse in the wake of the highly divisive battle that ended with Brett Kavanaugh’s narrow..

Despite these "approvals," they remain war crimes. But his national security advisor and the neocon warmongers are telling him that he must prove that he is a Real Man who can stand alone and commit war crimes all by himself without orchestrated cover from the UN or NATO or a cowardly US Congress.

 · The February version of the bill included menendez, Democrat Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, democrat ben cardin of Maryland and Republican Lindsey Graham of South Carolina as co-sponsors, suggesting that provoking war is truly bipartisan in today’s Washington. Each Senator co-sponsor contributed a personal comment to the press release.

Colorado City man accused of sexual abuse

As a side note, before we get too hung up about the French and free speech, remember that it is a crime in France (as in many European countries) to dispute the existence of the Holocaust or to.

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Think about what it means that we associate Dickens so much with *Christmas* – you might almost say that he is more responsible than anybody other than Jesus for our idea of that most important of our.

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Mark Perry writes in Foreign Policy that the Mossad recruited known Pakistani terrorists to wage covert war on Iran by disguising themselves as CIA agents. Mondoweiss looks at what the story means.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday pointed to Khamenei’s speech as offering proof that Iran would not change as a result of the nuclear agreement. “If someone thought that the extraordinary concessions to Iran would lead to a change in its policy, they received an unequivocal answer over the weekend in Iranian ruler.

War at its worst is letters to parents in one room, accounts receivable in the other. This is the Spirit Murderer’s kind of artificial business-the sure thing, with devastation as gravy. But the covert side is much more sinister. We live the dream as Americans in this land of opportunity, and wonder how anyone rational could hate such a place.