Health Effects of Mold Exposure – House to Home Inspect Colorado

Mold gives humanity some pleasant things, such as blue cheese and penicillin. However, exposure to mold can have negative long-term side effects on your health, causing serious infection and allergies. Active mold growth needs moisture to thrive. Mold can develop within 24 hours when disasters strike and lead to water damage.

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Colorado certified mold inspections denver, Boulder, Thornton, Arvada, Wheatridge & Surrounding Areas in Colorado Mold in your home can be incredibly dangerous to your health and it is important that you perform a certified mold inspection to make sure you’re not at risk to any potential harms.

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Home > Science & Health > The Health Effects of Mold Exposure: Separating Fact From Fiction. What are common health effects for individuals exposed to elevated mold? The effects and symptoms of mold exposure to individuals in indoor environments are relatively a recent concern.

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mold can be immediate or delayed and will often happen more readily with repeated exposure. They are known to be asthma triggers in sensitive individuals. research into the public health effects of mold is ongoing and you are advised to consult a physician if exposure to mold has adverse effects on your health. LAWS AND REGULATIONS

We want out of the Lease and out of this house, as quickly as physically possible and we would like to seek any and all damages allowed by law for the pain, suffering and probable long term and/or continual health effects myself, my wife and our daughter have and will experience from our exposure to the mold in this house, over the past six (6.

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Is Toxic Mold Exposure the Cause of Your Symptoms?. I don’t know of any home kits for mold exposure that would be valid. warmly Dr Jill. Reply.. If you see a doctor you will need to see one that understands the effects of mold on health and the immune system, many do not..