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A big opportunity has come about very recently, as Colorado is the first of two states to legalize marijuana. since been surpassed as the biggest mall in the world. The state has a low unemployment.

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Medical marijuana has been legal in the state since 2000. Through October, Colorado has collected more than $150 million in taxes from legal marijuana sales, including nearly $50 million from a.

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Recreational marijuana stores in colorado received 5.8 million in 2015 revenue based on tax data from the Colorado. drug intelligence center, which has since been shut down, found in 2011 that.

The marijuana sales reports reflect sales made during a filing period (typically a month). Here is an example sales reporting timeline: sales made in January are filed with CDOR in February and reported on this page in March. Reports on this page are labeled with the filing month (January, in this example).

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The marijuana tax reports show tax revenue collected monthly as posted in the Colorado state accounting system. For more information, please see the Marijuana Taxes | File page.. The table below shows medical and retail marijuana tax and fee collections totals by calendar year starting in 2014. . Although sales of medical marijuana began prior to 2014, the Department of Revenue did not report.

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