Bear breaks into car for gummy bears

A 43-year-old Florida man’s attack using gummy bears was only the beginning. He was taken into custody after police responded to three complaints about disturbances. Woods attempted to break free.

McPhail says there was no food in the car. Apart from the slobber, the bear left the car in its original condition, she said. This article was written for the CBC by Laura Sciarpelletti. VIDEO: BEAR BREAKS INTO CAR TO STEAL GUMMY BEARS

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The woman said her vehicle was severely damaged by a hungry bear who managed to find a bag of gummy bears in the car. Every door, every wire, almost every inch inside the Subaru Forester is destroyed.

A bear tore apart the inside of a Colorado woman’s car in search of food – and ended up with gummy bears! KCNC in Denver has the report.

Already, a bear reportedly broke into an unlocked Subaru in Breckenridge, lured by an unopened baggy of gummy bears. Cate siegel told 9news she made an unpleasant discovery that the bear trashed her.

Siegel says the bear broke in and found gummy bears in a sealed bag in the SUV that was part of a gift basket she received. The bear also left a little "surprise" in the backseat. Siegel says she’s.

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It’s easy to ravage these goodies when you’re famished, and eventually you’ll give in to your kids begging to get at the gummy bears in the bear. we broke off from the group to get back on an.

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Gelatin is the basis of what makes a gummy bear. broken into smaller molecules. Think of a tough or grisly meat steak – that’s collagen. When you add heat, like putting meat in a crock pot for an.

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