Asbestos found in Colorado Springs tower damaged in fire, prolonging period before residents can return

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The addition of asbestos to a product increased its durability and reduced wear, enhanced its ability to retain heat or cold and improved its fire resistance properties. It was widely added to products used in construction from approximately 1940 until 1982, and was also used in insulations as early as the late 1800’s.

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Restoration Specific Asbestos and Lead Based Paint Survey Report . Property Information : 2570 Gina Dr . Colorado Springs, CO 80916 . Inspection Conducted By: Ted Anderson Colorado Certs #14835, #17360 .. results and XRF results can be found in the following material classification section.

Asbestos found in Colorado Springs tower damaged in fire. 100 residents of a senior living complex in Colorado Springs who were forced from their homes because of a fire won’t be able to return.

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Asbestos abatement shall be performed within a full containment. Removal will be accomplished by utilizing hand held tools. All surfaces to be abated will be wetted before and during removal to control dust and fiber emissions. Waste generated during removal will be gathered and wrapped in 2 layers of 6mil polyethylene sheeting or placed

sbestos found in Colorado Springs tower damaged in fire, prolonging period before residents can return&nbs. Concern raised over asbestos – Aberdeen Evening Express ~ Read More oncern raised over asbestos Aberdeen Evening ExpressHealth and safety investigators have discov.

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After a fire, a pile of ashes, half-burned, and unburned but damaged materials may remain. If asbestos was present in the structure that burned, all of this debris could be contaminated. Disturbing the debris in any way, even to remove it, would then result in the release of asbestos fibers into the air where anyone could breathe them in.