1974 Colorado Trailer License Plate PJ-2533

Titling / Registration of Trailer In Colorado. Very simple process and the cost was $12 plus license plate fees. This was a good 12 years ago though, but a buddy of mine in the springs said the process is still the same. MVCC/MVPA Member

While Baeumert bought the projector in Georgia, the carton it came with says ‘Kansas’ in pencil and one of the cars in the photo has a Colorado license plate. Now Baeumert is sharing the photos on.

Hillside: The gentrifiers are coming

The light kit that I bought for the trailer has a clear lens at the bottom of the left taillight (for a license plate light), and the right side does not. I googled for a while and could not find any law/regulation that says the license plate must be on the left side of the trailer. Someone on this site must have some expertise in this area.

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 · A trailer will have a 17 Digit VN number plate installed by the manufacturer (or a state issued ID Tag # stamped into the frame if it was a homebuilt that was titled/registered). A seller should provide you with the appropriate paperwork if the trailer was titled/registered and had a license plate.

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Colorado Red Flag Law, and Sheriff Opposition – Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children

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